Economic strategy

At Alada we develop effective economic and financial strategies. The expert support of our professional team allows you to create your own decision-making processes that will generate economic and financial stability for your company.

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We help SMEs and their directors improve in the economic field

A strong economic and financial strategy is a great management tool to grow your business. At Alada we have the experience, knowledge and professional team to help you.

Incorporate Alada into your team and benefit from having a Financial Director to prepare budgets, detect deviations and make decisions on time

We provide accurate and analytical information on your company’s financial situation

With this information you can make better decisions, which will contribute to the growth and development of your company.

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What services are included?

Our strategy includes a series of solutions that will augment the performance and development of your company to obtain maximum efficiency.

We take care of everything; we create and structure the economic aspect of your company:

  • We manage the administrative and accounting areas to obtain reliable information for decision making.
  • We organize and plan your company’s accounting team.
  • We implement cost-reduction plans.

We also offer analysis of investment projects, resources for financing solutions, treasury planning, budget control, deviation analysis and analytical accounting.

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Why contract Alada’s economic strategy services?

You can contract services according to the your circumstances and needs.

Count on a Financial Director whenever you need one.

Reduce costs and resources and free up time for your management team.

What situation is your company in? Where do you want it to go? At Alada we study the feasibility of your objectives, and we accompany you on the road to achieving them.

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