Project management

At Alada we help SMEs develop the optimal strategy to implement their projects. Our professional team, specialized in Project Management, will be your best ally to complete your projects successfully. Through planning and working hand-in-hand with your company’s management, we will help you obtain your desired results economically and efficiently.

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The advantages Alada offers you

We control the time and internal resources needed for the project

We develop and implement strategic plans

We lead and motivate the team

We manage the purchases and external resources necessary for the project

We continuously monitor progress

We provide constant feedback between the parties involved

Our goal is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your company!

Having intelligent planning is essential to meet deadlines, create a positive work environment and achieve your company’s goals. Improve the productivity and competitiveness of your SME with us!

Why does your company need a Project Manager?

Developing and executing major projects requires a well-trained, experienced team that knows how to plan and overcome difficulties. At Alada we have years of experience in leadership and Project Management.

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We’re ready to lead your project

At Alada we take care of everything so that your project is successful. Our staff is experienced in team coordination, and we have efficient organizational strategies to keep your project under control. Alada’s formula for success in Project Management is defined by three pillars: strategy, experience and organization.

Alada guarantees you leadership, teamwork, conflict management and organization. We also consider the communication requirements of the project, and we get ahead of any problems or conflicts before they occur.

Involvement in the project

At Alada we treat each of the projects we work on as if it were our own. Our goal is to make work easier for SMEs. We want to democratize Project Management so that companies—whether large or small—can challenge themselves to set ambitious goals. We’re here to make your life easier!

Proximity, flexibility and adaptability

Each company has different needs and particularities, and this makes them unique. At Alada we understand this and that’s why we work in a flexible and personalized way. You will always have us by your side to help you reach your objectives.

Rigor and

Our experience in Project Management has shown us that projects only work if they are approached with rigor and commitment. Our team will offer you the highest level of professionalism to accomplish your project goals. We’re committed to your success!

Our team offers you responsibility and efficiency in the planning, execution, control and completion of your project.

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